McCain Traffic Controller Cabinets

McCain, Inc. has become one of North America's largest manufacturers and suppliers of traffic signal equipment, systems, and software. McCain products have a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Innovative design and exceptional customer service have allowed McCain to become the industry leader for traffic technology. McCain manufactures a series of vehicle signals, pedestrian signals, traffic controllers and cabinets (ATC, ITS, NEMA and 170/270's) and SETCON test equipment for controllers and cabinets.

ATC Cabinets

The revolutionary ATC cabinet series combines the best of rack mount and serial-based designs to meet the needs of today’s LED intersections. Using smarter, high-density components, the cabinets offer unparalleled intersection control capabilities. McCain's proven ATC Cabinets meet the needs of today’s smart cities and are ready for tomorrow’s challenges, including the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.

ITS Cabinets

The intelligent design of the ITS cabinet series provides ample space and convenient modularity for numerous applications. In addition to traffic control, the ITS cabinet is perfect for sign control and ramp meters.

NEMA Cabinets

The advanced NEMA cabinet series represents a modern and state-of-the-art approach to traffic control. Available in various size options, the NEMA cabinet series offers a flexible and modular design for ease of access and maintenance.

170/270 Cabinets

The robust and intelligent design of the 170/2070 cabinet series is perfect for any traffic control need. Meeting requirements set forth by Caltrans and the FHWA, these rugged cabinets offer easy access to interior assemblies.