GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc.

Simple. Flexible. Transparent.

  • GRIDSMART is the world’s first single-camera solution for actuation, data collection, and situational awareness.
  • GRIDSMART has processed more than 201 million hours of video across all environmental conditions in 49 states and 29 countries.
  • GRIDSMART has tracked, counted, and classified more than 216 billion vehicles and delivered actionable traffic data to customers worldwide.

The Bell Camera

A single fisheye camera provides what others can't; a full intersection view, including where cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians actually cross paths.

GS2 Processor

The GS2 Processor runs the GRIDSMART Engine, a suite of vision-tracking algorithms that build a 3-dimensional model of approaching objects.


The GRIDSMART Cloud is where customers can download Client software and firmware updates. Their existing Client modules are Performance, Performance Plus, and Pedestrian.

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